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      Here is a list of some examples of why you should hire a Licenced Contractor.

  We had just finished our brand new kitchen and the paintwork had been touched up, so we were really proud of it. icon_biggrin.gif

We thought one of the walls looked a bit bare so decided to buy one of those kitchen roll holders as we were limited on worktop space (small kitchen). My partner set about drilling holes into the wall and I went upstairs to get something. I was halfway up the stairs and I heard a very loud scream... and bear in mind my partner is not someone who screams easily! I thought she had drilled into her hand. icon_eek.gif

I ran downstairs and there was mains-pressure water spurting from the wall, and she was trying her very hardest to stem the flow, but it was coming from two separate places.

She'd only gone and drilled between the hot and cold pipes embedded in our kitchen wall. icon_eek.gif The drill had caught BOTH pipes!

I clambered underneath and turned the water off at the stopcock, but the kitchen was soaked, our new paintwork already looking very sad, and it took two plumbers over five visits to fix the problem due to the fact that the pipes were embedded in the wall and the wall had to be excavated.

Even two years later, it was still obvious that we'd had trouble with that wall and there was a damp patch appearing, so a few months ago we ended up taking off the plaster, getting a plumber to thoroughly check the pipes, covering the area in PVA and having it re-plastered. It now seems to be okay. But we've had some shelves put up (by a joiner!) to disguise the area a bit. Luckily he avoided drilling into the mains pipes again. icon_rolleyes.gif

The stupid thing is, I don't even really like those kitchen roll holders. icon_redface.gif
  I think its worth mentioning my experience over here.

I have been using Dish since Aug. I moved to a new house & decided to take my Dish connection with me. On 7th Feb Sat, the Dish engineer comes to my place. He looks at the place, finding no dish he puts on a new dish. Things went smooth till here. Then he comes inside the house, puts his smart equipment to check the place where he can drill a hole through the wall. Looking at a green light, he marks the spot and starts drilling. In a matter of seconds he goes through a water pipe. The water started coming into my living room. He tried to block the water. We switched off the water main supply, which stopped the water flowing in my living room.

The engineer insisted that it must be a plastic pipe, otherwise his instrument would have picked up a metal pipe. He drilled another hole nearby and let the cable through.

The engineer called his supervisor, who called me to assure Dish will take care of everything. After a few mins supervisor came to my place, took a few pics and told me that she will wait till the plumber comes. This was at around 12:30 in the afternoon. Water & heating system in my house was turned off. The engineer & supervisor were waiting in their van outside my house. They left without telling me anything at around 3:00. Then the wait started. We tried calling the plumber agency phone number that was provided, no luck. We were told that the plumber who was assigned the job has gone missing. At 6:00 PM the plumber called to tell us he can't come. Dish called up at 7:00 PM to assure us they are working on it. Finally at 8:00 PM a plumber turned up, who broke down the plaster to fix the pipe. The Dish engineer had punctured a copper water pipe. To my surprise, the second hole that the engineer had drilled, went through in between two copper pipes, damaging both of them

The plumber did a temp repair, water and heating switched on. Me and my family (wife + two kids - 7 yrs, 4 yrs) had to stay without water & heating till that time. We couldn't even use the toilets .

Dish called up at 10:00 PM to see how things went. Offered us 40 for dinner.

We spent our Saturday looking at Dish TV and a broken wall in our living room.

On Monday morning another plumber was sent to replace the temp repairing with a permanent repairing.

On Tuesday another guy came who fixed the plaster & painted the wall to make it as close as what it was previously.

Will remember this weekend for a long time

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  HDMI fried TV, Receiver, PS3, and cable box...twice
I recently purchased a new Samsung LCD tv to mount over my mantle, along with a Yamaha Receiver and a PS3. I had an electrician wire a new outlet over the fireplace and ran an HDMI cable through my attic so we wouldn't have any wires showing. When we went to connect the HDMI into the "out" of the receiver, it shot sparks and essentially welded to the back of it. It also fried the TV and cables as well.

We originally thought the HDMI cable was either touching a hot wire or possibly the cable
box but I had two other HDMI cables plugged in to the "IN" on the receiver coming from the cable box so that wouldn't make sense. I did discover that the wiring had reverse polarity, but it still created sparks even when we corrected that issue.

Could this be an issue of an outlet having no ground wire, as the house is over 70 years old and has a 3 prong receptacle with no true ground, or could it be a cause of static electricity being created somewhere? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


House fire in Colebrookdale Township blamed on satellite dish installer

A contractor drilled into a power line at a Colebrookdale Township house Thursday, causing a fire that temporarily displaced the two residents, officials said.

No one was injured in the fire, which started shortly before 2 p.m. in the basement of the house at 24 Faye Drive, New Berlinville Fire Company Chief Lloyd G. Wary said.

The flames were under control by about 2:30 p.m., Wary said.

Damage was confined mostly to the basement, although a section of the first floor of the two-story house sustained minor damage, he said.

Wary did not have a damage estimate.

The owner of the house, John Riggs, and a woman who also lives there will stay elsewhere until repairs are made, Wary said.

He did not know the woman's name.

Wary said the contractor drilled into the main electrical line while installing a satellite dish. The contractor, whom Wary did not identify, called 9-1-1.

Wary ruled the fire an accident.

  Amature Satellite Installer  
  My neighbor just signed up for Dish and had a satellite dish installed by a person who was on the job for 2 months. He drilled 8 holes in their siding before he decided there is nothing to nail on to. He then placed it on their deck. Agter phone calls to Dish a contractor supervisor came out to inspect and said "this happens". Beware!!!!  
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