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      Services We Offer  include, but are not limited to: Home Theater Design, In home theater consulting, Custom Remote Control programming, Audio Video Integration Inwall Speaker installation, Technical support Service, End user training, and Electronic product sales for all residential and commercial applications Including RVs Limos Yacht  Boats or other Custom projects. Please contact us for more information about your project today at 1-800-715-4958

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In Home Consultation

Consultation is the central part of our system design process. We will digest your vision, inspect your house, and together, we will select and install the products that fit in to your budget and your expectations . Our in home audio/video experts will take the guesswork out of Creating your new entertainment system. 

 Home Video Installation

Dave's will wire all video components, including DVD Bluray  players, VCR, Cable & Satellite Boxes, TiVo, etc. to any type of television for best picture quality (includes minor remote programming).

  Home Audio Installation

Our professionals will set up all Home theater equipment, including your TV, audio components, video components, and speakers. As an added complimentary service, we will mount and conceal speaker wire to all speakers.

Flat Panel with Surround Sound

Plasma Installation is one of our top service requests. Dave's  will mount your plasma on the wall and wire all video components. When feasible, we will run cables through back walls. If we cannot conceal the Power Cable through the wall, our electricians can install an outlet behind the television for a minimal charge.

Custom Remote Programming

We make Home Automation easy. Our professionals program many different types of custom remote controls, including Logitech Harmony, Philips Pronto, RTI Remotes, and Universal Remote Controls.

Outdoor Speaker System Installation

This is one of our most popular services. Outdoor sound can make yard work or summer parties much more enjoyable. We will install any outdoor Volume control, and mount and run all speakers through an amplifier. Rock and all-weather speakers are available.

Custom Lighting Controls

Custom lighting controls add ambiance to the home by creating unique lighting scenes for different areas. You can control a number of switches with the push of a single button in order to create the atmosphere you desire. Many of our clients find that Lutron lighting controls are a must have!

Escient DVD and CD Media Management System Installation

If you are always scrambling to find that DVD or CD, the Escient media manager is the gadget for you. This system allows you to store all your CDs and DVDs on a hard drive in a centralized media system for easy accessibility. You can even stream movies from room-to-room with this system, and integrate it with a remote control for cover art and synopsis. This is a revolutionary product. For more information check out Escient.com

Whole House Audio Installation

Our installers have unrivaled experience wiring entire houses for sound. Common procedure includes: installing touch screen keypads and speakers in all desired rooms. Daves has an array of options to insure the proper product for your lifestyle. Perfect for new construction prewire.

Total Home Automation System

Reduce your energy costs by incorporating an automation system into your home. Involves: integration of lights, drapery, HVAC(Heating and Cooling), Alarm Systems, Irrigation, and audio systems. Find out how we can reduce your bottom line through a custom programmed automation system.

Commercial Audio/Video Installation

Dave's Home Theater  has successfully installed systems in numerous commercial locations, including restaurants, country clubs, and office buildings. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your commercial audio/video requirements.

Service Call

Our expert professionals will come in and diagnose what is wrong with your components. We do not repair any products, but we will do what we can to meet your needs. Our hourly rate is $75.00 per man hour. We also do troubleshooting!

Daves Home Theater  prides ourselves on honesty and integrity, while building a system that fits your lifestyle and budget call us today to get the service you deserve 1-800-715-4958  
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 Plasma Installation