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     A security system is one of the most functional lifestyle requirements of any home today. Hidden in the decor, an integrated network of discrete sensors and motion surveillance cameras monitor a variety of critical conditions in and around the home or workplace.
     Dave's Home Theater security systems use sophisticated technologies to manage threats such as burglary, fire, and medical emergency. Such threats can strike at any time without warning. Therefore, response time is most critical for saving the life of a loved one or stopping the loss of valued possessions.
     You'd love to be everywhere at once to make sure your family is OK. A camera system can monitor your baby in his crib, the neighborhood kids in the yard or your teenagers hanging out with friends in the pool. Peace of mind comes from knowing everything in and around your home is as it should be.

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  Dave's is a leading Installer of Security Cameras, Digital Video Recorders & DVR Security Systems. We offer complete security solutions that are becoming an absolute necessity for every business and home. From Spy Cameras to digital video recorder equipment, we setup high quality video surveillance for your home or bussiness the way you would expect it to be done.

  Chain stores, commercial customers and homeowners approve of our top-notch Installs and appreciate our outstanding effort at handling their CCTV Installations. We make sure to deliver the special care and attention that is required toward improving your DVR Surveillance system for business and home security equipment. Just because security is worth a lot, doesn't mean you should have to pay a lot.

Overview of IP Camera Systems

  IP cameras are CCTV cameras that transmit image data and control signals over a fast Ethernet link using Internet Protocol. IP based camera also known IP Network cameras digitizes the video signal using a specialized encoder that contains an onboard web server. As a result of this, IP camera acts as a network device thus allowing captured video images to be viewed not only through an existing network but also through a web browser that can be accessed through the Internet.

  IP network cameras in combination with Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder can be converted into a video surveillance system. IP cameras usually come with a Fast Ethernet interface. IP cameras is a fast growing branch in CCTV and allows home owners and business men to view their cameras through any internet connection through a computer or a 3G phone. The data is transmitted across a packet-switched network using the Internet protocol suite called TCP/IP.

  IP cameras feature an Easy Connect Technology that allows a user even with very less or no networking experience to setup an IP camera. IP-based video cameras have an ability to transmit signals either wirelessly or through wired connections such as Cat-5 cables and have an added benefit of being able to use switches, hubs, and routers that allow the Cat-5 network to be expanded to much broader ranges.

Day Night Camera Installation IP Camera Comparison Chart
Above Picture Represents What a HiDef Night Vision Camera System looks like Night vs Day   Above Picture Demonstrates Cheap Store Bought System VS High Quality HD System


                        Benefits of IP Camera Systems

Reduced Cost

  IP Network cameras use Cat 5 cables that are much shorter than those used with CCTV, as the Cat 5 cable runs from the IP camera to a wiring closet used for the data network. The cable in the wiring closet plugs into a data switch, which in turn connects via one wire to the network. The cables runs from the IP Network camera to the switch are a maximum of 300 feet but are normally much shorter.

  IP Network cameras come with a general-purpose IP networking equipment infrastructure which results in reduced system costs and added functionality. IP Network cameras consume less space in large CCTV Setups as video switching and routing is done via computer discarding the use of physically large and expensive video matrix switchers

Flexible image format

  IP Network cameras support a variety of image resolutions such as standard analog CCTV resolutions including CIF, PAL, NTSC and SECAM and megapixel resolutions. It allows to digitally zoom high resolution megapixel mages. These cameras work on a progressive scan mode which allows removal of better quality still images from a video feed.

  IP cameras do not require any additional video encoder hardware to convert analog video signals into digital data in order to record onto hard drives. These cameras allow you to choose video compression codec such as Motion MPEG, MPEG-4 Part 2 and H.264.

Extensible Network Infrastructure

  IP Cameras come with an ability to use Power Over Ethernet which allows one cable to handle power and data. IP Cameras deploys well with a wireless bridge and have a ability use legacy coaxial cables with appropriate converters. IP Cameras allows you to use fiber optic links with appropriate twisted pair to fiber converters. These cameras transmit commands for PTZ cameras via a single network cable.

Enhanced Functionality

 As IP Cameras can function on a wireless network, they can operate even when they are placed just about anywhere. It facilitates automated alerting via email or file transfer in response to video motion detection or dry-contact alarms. These cameras prevent viewing images or altering the camera configuration by unauthorized personnel with the password lockout facility. IP cameras feature Remote configuration, diagnostics, and maintenance.

  IP Cameras support streaming media and compression formats to relieve transmission bandwidth and data storage requirements. These cameras also support Video Analytics, intelligent video motion detection with shape recognition and counting applied to objects, people, and vehicles. IP cameras combine with DVRs and NVRs to form a video surveillance system. Due to the ability to upgrade camera firmware over the network, they allow future-proof installations with field-upgradeable products.

Types of IP Cameras:
IP Camera Bullet Camera System Setup

Fixed Body IP Cameras

Fixed Body IP cameras have a rectangular body and a fixed viewing angle. They clearly show where they are pointing. Fixed Body IP cameras are especially used at placed with relatively low risk of vandalism. They are generally placed at such placed where visibility and the clear direction of the camera would act as deterrents to undesirable activity.

Fixed Body IP cameras use a variety of exchangeable lenses which is one of the benefits of using such cameras. The disadvantage of these cameras is that they are relatively easy to tamper with.

IP Dome Camera Installation Company Orange County

Fixed Dome IP Cameras (Mini-Domes)

Fixed Dome IP cameras are fixed cameras pre-installed in small dome-like housing. The design of the cameras makes it difficult to see where these type of cameras is pointing. Fixed Dome IP cameras are ideally used the uncertainty of the viewing angle can deter potential wrongdoers.

Having the discreet, unobtrusive design with a clear or tinted dome, Fixed Dome IP cameras can be mounted on walls or ceilings. One disadvantage of these cameras is that they use only one type of lens.

PTZ Camera Installation Service Orange County 4 Camera 8 Camera 16 Channel

PTZ IP Cameras

PTZ IP cameras come with a standard or dome housing. PTZ IP cameras are ideal at places where live monitoring is needed and/or it is necessary to track an individual activity or an objectís movement. PTZ IP cameras have an ability to operate in guard tour mode, allowing the camera to move between preset positions, and can be controlled using joysticks.

PTZ IP cameras can also be used for outdoor or indoor installations with the help of mounting kits. These cameras allow the lens be adjusted remotely to capture different views from a single location. One disadvantage of these cameras is that they are more expensive and can miss key activity.

Wireless IP Camera Installation NVR  Orange County

Wireless IP Cameras

Wireless IP cameras feature an Internal webserver allows access from PC or 3G mobile phone. Some cameras feature on board video recording via SD flash memory. Some also allow day/ night operations.

Wireless IP cameras allows high resolution wireless operation with remote access. These cameras can be connected to 3G mobile phone. Wireless IP cameras are ideal for use at home or office.

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